It seems my life happened in two parts: the first in which I identified as a striving, hard-working individual with a good career. As a journalist, I worked for British publications including the Independent, the Observer, the Evening Standard, the Mail on Sunday, the Spectator, the Telegraph, Grazia, ES Magazine, Harpers Bazaar amongst others. During that time I also had books published: a novel, Falling (Atlantic 2007): the Independent; ‘luminous’; the Times; ‘funny and moving’; Time Out: ****. I also had a non fiction title and later, a collection of short stories, published.

The second part of my life began in my early 30s, following a disastrous marriage. Thankfully the relationship was short, however it was long enough, that on the other side of it, I found myself utterly up-turned. Everything I’d taken for granted about life had proved itself untrue. It had shattered. Coming out of it, my sole (soul) preoccupation and drive revealed itself as a search for ‘Truth’. The truth of my nature, the truth of existence, the truth of this life. The journey began.

During the course of those years, I am profoundly grateful to have studied and spent time with a variety of teachers in a variety of traditions ranging from Tibetan Buddhism to Advaita or Non Duality. And after all of those years in all of those traditions I am awakening to the blinding, inescapable fact of my own agency. Of the incredible, brilliant agency within each of us.

Conditioning and limiting beliefs, the constructs of greed and separateness are – finally – dissolving on this planet.

Profoundly interested in this dissolution, I am a certified facilitator in various therapies including Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries. I offer sessions via Skype or Zoom. Sessions are client-led and offer an incredibly efficient tool for unpicking conditioning and limiting beliefs, egoic structures, anything limiting  the free movement of Consciousness.