Wolf throws back her head Cries out in the infinite lack The sound goes Over and over against mountains Comes back unchanged No wolf no thing answers Not even the north wind For who can answer that ? There won't be an answer: Everything we need to know Is written on that first sound That [...]


say it

Fact: I want to get with you. I’ve wanted it my whole entire life. Which is why I spend my days looking to bump into you My nights planning my days And the places inbetween so restless I’m delirious. You’re so fucking elusive I never find you on facebook Or outside: don’t you like fresh [...]

say it2014-04-24T14:44:15+01:00

that gate

The girl who’s making my coffee tells the other girl The French one with the same earrings as me (£5.99 from the shop on the high street) ‘George met a girl’ ‘Oh no’ (the French one, laughing as in: we all know what that means) ‘Yeah’ (my one) ‘and then she died’. The French girl’s [...]

that gate2014-04-23T12:52:25+01:00

the odds

Ducklings came today New as pins Fast as gold And good as ping pong balls Zipping out all over the river I watched one bounce a foot And land its legs splayed wide apart Spinning in delight Of feather and flesh and spirit All combusting for the first time here And I thought Fuck the [...]

the odds2014-04-17T12:18:59+01:00


I came past a cherry tree all out pink in flower It smelled so delicate, so fleeting sweet It reminded me of happiness And for a second I was happy. It got me thinking How could I be always happy? The answer came: If that cherry tree was mine And stood all day outside my [...]



Last night I saw trees Standing over rooftops against the blue bright night Still like card Yet so completely jazzing I was stunned Then I saw the moon How is it I had never seen the moon Except through borrowed eyes ? I saw houses Each brick burned Laid one on top by hands from [...]



I am seared with a longing so burnt in So hardwired I’m afraid one day I’ll suck the whole world down And when that's not enough I’ll scream tears until all of life drowns Then I’ll come roaring through the four corners sat astride a grief to finish what's left. This thirst is desert: I'll [...]


love rules

It's right there on the uneven line in the cobbly upcurve of that Beatrix Potter roof And there again in the dizzy cherry blossom stuck ridiculous all over that tree The one that will start blizzarding anymoment candyfloss pink And it's there in the roundy shapes of the bright white clouds bobbing all over the [...]

love rules2014-04-11T18:59:51+01:00


Last week I got hold of the longing for what is missing I swear to God I saw it all the way around and laughed. I bundled it used bubble wrap and put it in a box. And sent it to myself Special delivery. Next day when the postman knocked I had on lipstick And [...]


true story

Apparently everything you write down in a poem comes true Especially - they say - if the poem doesn't rhyme Which is why I'm writing In particular order none Porsche, midnight blue (cream leather interior). You. Words. In wild new arrangement allowing new worlds, all worlds, possibilities, things, no things. Flying things. And ecstasy. Of [...]

true story2014-04-05T12:40:42+01:00

the heart asks

The heart asked again today If I could allow her sadness. I didn’t say anything. Just hurried around Making plans Planting sweet peas Writing down words like: ‘Today I planted sweet peas As lately there’s been a lack'. The next time she asked I said of course And went up the road for cake All the time [...]

the heart asks2014-04-03T15:47:09+01:00