the cook

  and the cook came out finished for the night in his buttoned over black dusted with tortilla flour came right to where I sat and took his cigarette from his mouth and put it in the hand that held his beer and like a randy dog and rude pulled me fingers hard from the oven into him and [...]

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  listen the world has something for you everything she is wet with wild and waiting i know you are thirsty drink don’t go back to sleep



  like a jackal he comes across the street diagonal relentless nosing into half light direction food and fucking and somewhere soft to rest his head the sun's already half way up and the night was long a paper cup rolls to give him way: here he’s king


i am sick

  i am sick there is so much I want love a horse the moon you to keep wanting me like that and more. always more the doctor prescribes taking off my shoes at least three times a day it’s how he says the women in Guatemala won their battle against monsanto against the genetically modified [...]

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the game

  lamp of your great moose heart searches riding over tree and shadow nosing blunt into the forest i skip among trees quick as spit leaping fences stubbing out my laughter in my own hand ducking into where you aren’t you raise your face blowing on the sharp air one two three look i’m high [...]

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i saw god

  today on a spreading plain high up in the high sierra i saw god in his garden straw hat dust and ancient legs as though he’d spent his life on a horse i didn’t say anything i couldn't i was on a bus just passing through but today I saw god in his garden and the marigolds [...]

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sweet again

  i poured a drink and named it thirst it hit the table problem solved i opened up longing and called it love and saw that lack can be the answer and it’s language that has caused the problem so i made a new world with half the words problem solution same same and sure enough life [...]

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how can it be ?

there is something holding up all of this holding it lightly in the palm of her hand the clouds that roll across the mountains the bright birds the 43 sick to the stomach – I cannot imagine when they knew what was happening the men with guns lost enough to do it the mayor and his wife dead enough [...]

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my father

  my father was away a lot try always and my mother was the Truman Show she stuck a dome over us and everything as far as the eye including thinking belonged to her i was old enough when i ran out of air and took a pair of scissors to the sky it wasn’t easy and [...]

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the earth

  the soft of his mouth the hard of his cock the soft of his voice sometimes when he speaks to me the hard of his hand just below each finger where earlier in the sun he held a spade thrusting deep over and over into the rough earth bringing up root and potato and [...]

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the third time

  they say you meet him three times the second was in mexico right across from ricos raspas and I said no until he came on over bold as church in front of san domingo the dust rallied to his clatty hooves and all the women selling blouses you want two fingers or three ? [...]

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