marquee of stone squats vast as pyramids each granite arch yawns wider no sun no warmth may enter who owns this space ? not god not me not the priest here not the devoted who file through each day ants moving over granite to kiss a picture a pair of pigeons made black by the stone flaps [...]


new growth

past sits heavy on these shoulders leeches from the fabric of the coats makes heavy weather on the pedestrian precinct yet in amongst the old burns the new: it's in the surge of the puppy on its lead in the flurries of the seed head swirling up as though earth isn’t the only place it’s in the child who offers [...]

new growth2014-05-22T14:01:14+01:00

city of dogs

the girl said where you live you not have ownerless-dog ? no I said expecting congratulation on the super-efficient ownerless-dog-free land from which I come her face turned fretful to the open window which gaped on the street sad she said, so sad we loves the dogs and the dogs loves us i turned to where she looked [...]

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the way

i went to church today and i asked jesus if i could be like him show me i said the way he laughed and said sweet thing i showed you that already i said (aware of the iron hot in which i was) is there any way you could could be minded to put me in the way of it ? he said [...]

the way2014-05-21T16:21:06+01:00

sun dogs

come to the edge of the map take the boulevard pocked by the past drop off the page into uncharted where faces read cyrillic and sense makes other and fear pries its fingers 
into what happened and those lighting candles and
 signing the cross and coming out backwards still wear their anoraks: they might not get home meanwhile [...]

sun dogs2014-05-21T15:07:14+01:00

thirteen years

thirteen years and tasting freedom roll out dark across the tongue blow that smoke into forever through the open bedroom window through the branches of the tree through this small town getting smaller french inhale and taste the freedom time is mine and on we ride towards horizon and a happy ever after not yet thought [...]

thirteen years2014-05-12T17:59:50+01:00


grey sky won’t crack: can't risk blue dirty traffic rumbles on people move about their days along the pavement across the road off the bus alone and all together galaxies of dreams and plans and sadnesses spiral out through every head: a universe within a universe moving towards a better one some day always today [...]



wind through poplar silvers ear lifts leaves turns them silver sweet tongue whispers words I cannot make hold wide my ears to prayer still I cannot hear my own mouth comes : blow through my hair turn me silver bowl me through this town and out the other side to where the hookup knows this [...]



words make boxes fit things inside nice-neat manageable like: how are you like: i am fine good small bite size put on lid shut up tight and stack file under things i like or things i don't like soul not happy soul need wings say: if you don't got nothing made of this: (snorts, stamps hoof, [...]


so bossy

Who knew everything would turn out so bossy ? I’ve hardly walked in the door When everything raises up Comes tumbling to compete Each voice loud: Wash me up Throw me out Pick me up And put my lid on. Even the garden can’t keep its mouth shut. If I’d wanted this I’d have had [...]

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