white dust dreaming

i am the bread and i am the baker the one who takes it from the oven, priceless in the morning i am the air through which the flour fresh ground float flees i am white dust dreaming i am she who stands in line head bursting with lists and songs and fragments the one [...]

white dust dreaming2018-09-17T15:48:56+01:00


every thing i do every mark this hand makes every shape line dot it’s for her i have one eye on the page the other it’s on her: she’s barefoot in the puddles splashylaughing kicking up the emptiness


Maha Kali

there’s this goddess i know goes about all bra hanging out hooks and eyes wild her face the face of everyone i have ever known she is so close Mother i call her Sister i call her i call her Kali Ma her eyes look love and her eyes look love and then they don’t [...]

Maha Kali2018-09-03T17:02:50+01:00

the dream

i am flung into the sky life burns body gets breathed mind rampages over mountain tops tearing down trees overturning cars beating its bloody breast blackblue in the dream i am wild savage beautiful i crush the turning world beneath my heel

the dream2018-09-03T16:57:50+01:00

dancing in the empty

puppet dancing in the empty every tiny shift of mind creates movement in the field an instrument so finely tuned nothing bouncing back on nothing exquisite faithful beautiful and exact puppet dancing in the empty

dancing in the empty2018-09-03T16:55:24+01:00

ripe fruit

and the fruit ripens and the fruit ripens and when the time comes will it fall ? or will the tree just let it go ? i am scared because some – from fear or love - rot clinging to the tree

ripe fruit2018-09-03T16:52:35+01:00

you, the doorway

you are the doorway i step through you frightened into light. Poised Exquisite Turning Useful

you, the doorway2018-09-03T16:49:57+01:00


Burn. In every moment burn. Don’t cling. Die. Dance and Die. Die in this moment. Die to yourself.


kicking up the empty

so i got all these birds crows i’m thinking (rooks my dad says) beady black careless in the dusk shrieking out their this and that like it’s fact they’re circling the airspace above my head looking for a place to roost they’re nice enough and black but i am done with story with birds with [...]

kicking up the empty2018-09-03T16:44:38+01:00

tu cara

your face this poem marks on a map a finger pointing to the other side past all these tears joys loves to the place we live really

tu cara2018-09-03T16:39:43+01:00