whatever the cost

the other day i was acting all normal trying to sell scarves to people in the run up to Christmas so I’m folding them and i’m folding them when I see outside the felt dark rounds of the hills the filigree of their ink black crowns the way they have pressed themselves hungry exciting into [...]

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i allowed the heart

on one of these days i allowed the heart she burst like april into being unfurling her skirts into tomorrow she was blinding dazzling like the moon close up but without the let down she was everything i’ve never found but always known somewhere – find it! - inside every dull eyed thought one of [...]

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sweet relief

in january amid all this flurry it dropped (sweet relief) honey from the tree into my open mouth: there is no need to pray. i am the prayer

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be like me

so i said to this tree i want to be invisible and the tree said be like me so utterly and completely yourself that no one sees you

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why can’t i see ?

everything is always pointing at something i can't fucking see it reminds me of when i was young and everyone else could read

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there is no life and no death no me and no you there is just us meeting each other over and over until the dry husk of everything that is not Love is worn away


allow the heart

allow the heart for she is the way the sweet soft arrow pointing home pointing to the only sweetness available round here: the whole of the world as good. allow the heart

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