china town mexico city

  so I’m sat there like i don't know how a piece of what must sit amongst gram for gram the world’s most expensive fish hanging off my chopsticks when god walks in he’s filthy skinny and his hair is wild he's up on crutches his trousers torn his shoes all gaping in the front and those toes have not seen soap in [...]

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when i died

  one time when I died they asked me : and what do you regret ? so I told them yeah and maybe sometimes not allowing all of me to show and they said go back then and do it so i did

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  someone taught you once when you was just a babe it isnt safe to shine cos when you shine you stepdaddy can’t keep his cunting fingers to himself o is for oceans x is for x-ray and m is for mammy turn-her-back but I tell you girl you shining face the only one we got [...]


pura vida

  someone ripped the soul from this country ripped it out rolled it up scarfed it down for lunch hooters, denny’s, the world famous cinnamon bun company but iguana won’t be blunted he spins his eye on the roulette of account blacker than the burned out suns black for balance we crowd about him snapping [...]

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the dark days

  in the dark days you slept like a fox inside my heart your red body curled around the seed when the light came you opened up one eye sly and counting and slid out i didn’t see you for 1000 years and when I did your coat was torn burned with every fuck and fight [...]

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