the witch

  in the south where the days hang back to back and come at a person too many and too thick and the women slump dead at their station down there between Colón and Rayón where the flies hold dominion the witch goes after her business her fat dog strung into silence by the neck patient [...]

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for Lola

  it’s Lola with her hoop she’s dancing on the edge of time twirling on a straw wearing that same old dirty bikini the one she’s worn all week she’s whirling in her stratosphere fast enough to bring her heart in pieces back together you know what she says (her laughter’s in a bubble) reaches [...]

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  pink sky yellow field moon sails pale as paper over trees which haven’t heard its spring yet (the bite would take your nose) it stirs something in me something ancient which tugs at my throat at my belly says Come It’s This Way


black milk

  New Review of Black Milk (pub. Albion Beatnik) Nicola G: f**king genius. It’s brilliant, beautiful, heart breaking, illuminating, inventive. My breath was taken so many times. GENIUS! buy it:  

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pissing off god

  it might look like this when you piss off god: pinned to the dust by her boot toe heel black and business either side of your pretty throat flaxen locks gone haywire mala all om namah and counting it might look like that who knows ?

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  it looks like this : a row of dots which shout out joining it looks like my grandmother still tall at 90 still beautiful the one I haven’t seen in years standing in the cold on her balcony facing south to where the old grey river leans bent to feed a bird the fat [...]


ring road

  sometimes out there on the ring road when it’s spring but not yet warm and the day is done but it’s not yet night sometimes out there when the trees are blind and i’ve got myself untethered from time and from the phone from thinking even and i’m there driving with all the others and we’re [...]

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on you

  i will fritter my life on tutus on glitter on pets and on picnics on round the world tickets on flat soya whites and organic cigarettes and circles of thought around cows coming home on tantrums and true love on dreams of a house and i’ll fritter my life – all of it – here [...]

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  leaves lie in the road flat as tears you are still leaping in my heart how do i reconcile the two ?