this human life

couldn’t find anywhere to be long so stayed short making pigs' ears and sows' purses shrugging off people and occasions with my hands i made shapes: dog, days, house, truth, love. one day i made something called This Human Life stuck it on the sill between the wedding present and the wooden horse an uncle [...]

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making just a small incision each day in the sky with a scalpel they say pays dividends though how much and when if ever they also say is none of my damned


the way in

today you look tired i like it when you’re like that soft and i can find my way in

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in the fifth season the one called harvest when the trees hung heavy with every promise ever whispered mouth ear mouth i you forever, yes! in the fifth season i washed my hands of shapes horse house dog love and lined them on the mantel and turning too quickly fell from an upstairs window i [...]