and never give up

there’s a place at the crossroads where everyone's welcome the jihadis come pulling at their trousers and restless of foot ilhamdulillah fistbump and never give up and the school children's ties hang thirsty as the Baobab clustered round chocolate and it’s here that love lands cooling its ardor and bickering like doves over kitchen appliances in [...]

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poli poli

these hills are dark and this river dropping down through the ages of rock and iron carving out her quiet bowl has earned her place you can smell her secrets fierce, still and much gets done over time and everything earns her place

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why, in the name of everything that is sweet that is ripe that is living would you dream a thigh gap when you have the other twin peaches meeting wherever you go kissing over and over whispering one against the other remembering always and everywhere you will ever walk what is love