with my sisters

and i went with my sisters into the cathedral of trees the one which has known us - each - since we could walk and there we lay down millennia of autumns library of light made from loving and shoulder touching shoulder we looked up through the vaulting ceiling and the trees rang their tiny [...]

with my sisters2018-07-28T16:38:10+01:00


after something of a hiatus (Jesus Christ!) i am training in falling back in love with humans the small the mean the angry the ugly the stupid the growing older by the nano i’m training in falling back in love deeply profoundly ecstatic (amen) with myself


the Exalted One

over on the west of ireland where the air is soft and the rank vanilla-shame brand of catholicism saturates in amongst the stay awhiles and all the loving memories i met the Buddha in a graveyard He was different than i thought less gold, more grey and loose across dishevelled bones His face glittered silver [...]

the Exalted One2018-07-20T13:33:06+01:00

why ?

why does the flower why do birds and why do i ? even do i ?

why ?2018-07-19T16:16:58+01:00


she tried and she failed she tried and she failed until one day she realised it didn’t matter it had never mattered she fell into the heart of love.


the way things are

even hate and lies are love they just got twisted a little in translation

the way things are2018-07-19T15:25:33+01:00

and the world

there are times i've been so lonely i’ve walked under the low trees just to get touched that was back when i was changing so fast and so much nothing stayed long enough for me to take its face in both my hands saying: you

and the world2018-07-19T15:22:02+01:00


having been through all the wild tomorrows having done with time (time done with us) we came out the other side and put everything back where we'd found it forks bags settees every table made from every tree every bucket kfc battered deep fry ripped from bird we put it all back pristine and came [...]



sometimes when i get up early before the final pieces of the day have firmed up i get to have my say with how and when flowers things human hearts the sky just a little emptier and yes please a small dash of horse i can even follow the string of beads back into the [...]



one day last week monday i think i balanced the books and paid back time all of the time i have ever borrowed and fell upwards through a hole in the sky into a pocket in the apron of nowhere and there in the dark pieces came at me piecemeal debris turning dizzy through the [...]