& cigarettes

today the Future (ruthless crystal blinding) would like to manifestthrough you because of thisplease empty yourself entirely of every thing that ever happened people places thoughts& cigarettes

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so i asked god

and i asked god what should i do ? and she said Be so i said and after that ? and she said Do and i said What ? and she said Whatever You Goddam Like My Wild Precious Miraculous Darling

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that mother

i pray: mother unfurl my fingers one then one where they cling koala to the eucalyp let me to remember myself astounding pure as awareness no inner no outer dancing in space other side of time she say (laughing): that mother she you

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i am the belonging and you are the humbling the secret honey of our union slides down god’s thighs shows us home



the need is to align my cells each one yes then Yes Yes to your vibration or i die the slow death of new shoes and more love the slow death of human



when I am not with you entirely i go ballistic stark raving upside down and freak the fuck out which is why I need to be with you inside of you outside of you all of my bells heart throat belly sounding You out all of the time


in the small

i go into the spacious as everywhere else anywhere in the small in the concepts in the i will and the he didn’t hurts

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this freak-the-fuck agony ! what of it ? it’s just the Beloved calling you home



yesterday Hanuman’s day i gave up following the mind its insistancies its inconsistencies its endless measurings it has been talking shit the same old shit for eons it still rumbles on like a brook miles below me in the valley but i soar above it without limit free



i am training to see all things equal nothing either a blessing or a curse apparently that’s how the Victorious Ones did it


the All Good

the sky was alive with insects which kept the swallows busy for days i know it’s not very Dharmic but i saw the gnats as concepts and the swallows as the piercing kila of of awareness returning the mind over and over to its natural state untarnished, clear the dazzle of the All Good

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i keep forgettin why i’m here i ask my mama she don know i ask my papa an he don know i ask the teacher the one who says You Are Enough i ask the other one the one who talk on laziness an life bein short i ask my heart an why is it [...]