in the beginning

  when all the wishes got handed outi got this onethe one that will burn- roof wall rafter -this house to rubblethat i might walk cleanas Love

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  and the wind blows through rattling the old leaves scattering them through the runnels of time and You. you still stand there with me in the place we meet in the place we are always meeting beside the twisted olive on the white road under a pink moon on the other side of time



  the beloved gave me a namewhispered it in my eari took it in both hands and weptit was one i’d had beforebut the truth is these cells, the ones that dance and singthey no longer answer to letter or soundthese days they do entirely their own thingunfetteredfree


him and me

  he says he’d like to be with me i’m like: but i am with you i’m with you. The. Whole. Time and he’s like: but are you really ? and i’m like: well where else would I be ? where else indeed ? he says, smiling

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the game

  believing myself not to be (i am clear love i am pure light) i pick my way through the ashes of what fear made

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  for how long are you thinking you can keep this up ? making as if to hide that great light inside meaner and meaner rags of story ducking behind the leftover scraps of what you pretend to be you think we don’t see it ?



i had not expected her to be so vast so all including i searched but couldn’t find a single thing outside of her even hate


a volte

  as I come up through all my incarnations sometimes i feel like the slowest child in school

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  white roadpink moontree twisted in timei have been meeting my friend here foreverbefore the doors of timeblew open


also love

this heart pain feel it keenly it’s also love it’s love meeting in you in the deepest places that are still dark

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