it works!

In order to prevent myself dissolving utterly into light i ate toast with Nutella a lot of it. it worked 

it works!2019-09-05T14:23:39+01:00


she say: you came i say: where?  (check she mean me) an she say (laughin): home an I say: where? (still aint believing) an she say: jus right where you are  (still aint breathin)  she take me in close  up inside her soft soft (green) an I say inside quiet: yes an she say yes [...]


the longing

and so the longing  sent out across the years became the track by which the Lover sent back the arrow  which pierced me through from base to crown and made me his  complete 

the longing2019-09-05T14:13:08+01:00

everything i ever loved

everything i ever loved was taken from me  arms fingers clinging unfurled one then one then one everything i ever loved was taken from me screaming  until and last no thing remained just the thing which has no other:   Bright. Pure. Love. 

everything i ever loved2019-09-05T14:11:39+01:00

as you

I slowed down light to know myself I slowed down light to become human  I slowed down light to know myself  In all of your days dreams boredoms I slowed down light to become manifest  Spread across the rocks In amongst the berries In the tides the days the heart aches and the victories There [...]

as you2019-09-05T14:10:15+01:00


we two are old friends meeting here without border we two meeting here are old friends same same you and me Remember? 


one ?

as we get closer in to the centre  where nothing ever happens  i bump into of all people you i can’t really see the division between us is there one ? 

one ?2019-09-05T14:06:09+01:00


the other end of this pain – feel it - is not a human or the answer to a prayer (feel it)  the other end of this pain – feel it –  is you an me completion  



sun slid up  making new sky orange slice cocktail dream come true and we was that time silent born new  as nothing  ocean mother movement nothing