rain says

rain takes my face in both her hands says see ? i do almost and then i don't see what ? playing here for time rain laughs way the hush comes way the leaves come the way when you come writing this down words aren't and this isn't can you see it ? i'm trying i tell her [...]

rain says2014-06-07T08:49:13+01:00

fat work

look at the cows my soul said someone's got to do the fat work of sitting in clover

fat work2014-06-04T11:56:15+01:00

there’s you

day is dark and wind blows greasy low across apples slumped in rotted grass the sun isn’t bothered by last night’s bottles sentinel row of sour mistakes i’m sat here at the table nosing into soul this is not the worst i’ll feel today it doesn’t matter though and none of it matters as somewhere on the other [...]

there’s you2014-06-04T11:44:49+01:00

my map

making something always making sense stitching the woman who served my lunch rice or potatoes ? onto my dog's face the second time i left sewing that onto tomorrow and again onto my dog's soft eyes that onto next year and a man i once loved onto all of these feelings coming and going and some staying longer sometimes [...]

my map2014-06-01T19:07:46+01:00

make bombs

i went to the matisse cut-outs saw plain my soul need : explode colour with colour shunt word against word make bombs there's something in me which says fuck peace : let's make fireworks

make bombs2014-06-01T08:00:33+01:00

change of plans

i've changed my mind decided after all i don't want to sit peaceful for a thousand years stories life all passing through so many clouds on empty air i want to get my hands dirty all the way up my arms and then i want to flounder day and all the night in thick mud of my own creation i [...]

change of plans2014-06-01T07:37:05+01:00