white cow

white cow bollocks pink as powder nodding comes across the road and the great wheel turns night swings her lantern as if to chide it’s late and come to bed but Oh i've clothed myself in story he said she said i want and all those past lives night snuffs the lamp and confusion draws [...]

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nothing there

from the deepest place inside the one humans call love i brought five fingers slick and black with blood a piece of flesh the size of a rock the kind of rock – perfect- which fills a hand i put it on the table and with my own fingers tore at it sinew, white veins, [...]

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darshan I

she was a sunflower her pretty face followed the sun when the sun went down she didn’t know who she was she wept. he was a shepherd his mind caught in other things she things me things one day things when he lost his flock he wept. i came from and next and The Way [...]

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darshan II

i received darshan from a great saint and all the time it was happening tears came down my face and the fragrance of her purity lifted the air she pinned me with the blade of her stare and i pressed my head into the red carpet at her pale feet and all the time it [...]

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