the long run

and everyone would become someone in order to become nothing and then everything but noone could understand why it was taking so long i mean when the frequencies rose like that there wasn’t really much choice: relax and check in or go stiff and check out both worked in the long run but the ones [...]

the long run2018-04-23T11:59:34+01:00

the good

you live inside me like a maggot in an apple eating away at all that isn’t real

the good2018-04-23T11:54:04+01:00

Save the Humans

Today I’m up against it Nose to grindstone Plucking out from air so thin You can see right the fuck way through it The strands I will be needing to make this miracle Today I will be making Save that wood for badgers and Save the humans for each other

Save the Humans2018-04-23T11:51:20+01:00


in the middle of april that year spring never came when the crows had to put back all the sticks where they’d found them and the trees never bothered unpacking that year she was minding her own up by superdrug you know where they drink diamond ice and scatter their needles all over like christmas [...]


days of our lives

the days turned to Days and the old stuff fell away don’t know why got burned off in the eye somehow the film that draped everything dreary as Sunday lunch inside the grandfather clock which would not shut the fuck up all that yes got ripped away and there She stood naked, blinding utterly herself [...]

days of our lives2018-04-17T11:15:56+01:00