(touching heart)

i hide here (touching heart) in plain sight i live in the space between what is taken for granted and  what is taken for granted i am inside breathing  (touching heart) find me 

(touching heart)2019-10-18T11:58:54+01:00

body of love

body of light moving across the omniverse in and out of days through lives and families in and out of story body of light meeting itself  in the ends of the earth picking its way across the speckled seas  threaded through the song of whales (bringer of the start) joining one with another  (ecstasy) for [...]

body of love2019-10-18T11:55:59+01:00

body of love 2

body of love natural, one movement roaming over mine  stars through the dark body of love waves on the shore foaming in its own bliss

body of love 22019-10-18T11:50:20+01:00

body of love 3

body of love moving across the great plain of existence in and out of human of grasses of rock body of love recognising no border only itself 

body of love 32019-10-18T11:48:05+01:00

body of love 4

body of light across the eons come now, make me body of light  across the stars, the galaxies the systems outside of knowing  body of light  library of thinking  all of the thoughts that have ever happened come now, make me  in my remembering whole

body of love 42019-10-18T11:45:27+01:00

body of love 5

stream of love moving always moving  looking only for itself inside things and  under stones  inside humans in the shapes between  stream of love searching always for itself moving through walls and outlines shapes and labels  laughing to discover itself stream of love  flowing through tomorrow into yesterday body of love respecting no wall or [...]

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where i am

i am at the other side of what begins  and what ends beginning and ending happen within me which is why there  in those places – (the tenderest)  where human is without words and floundering i am

where i am2019-10-18T11:38:03+01:00

the only mother

Who are you ?  i ? i am the not wishing things to be different i am the turning to things as they are i am the ins and the outs the ups and the downs without the layings-on-top of the mind  i am the dreams come true and  the catastrophes breaking down the walls  [...]

the only mother2019-10-16T17:04:14+01:00


why limit love ?  sense make it none does the great ocean (life) say : this but not that him but not her ?  look:  here are scissors take them to the sky Sing ! 


paper moon

paper moon looks down says:  it’s hard the remembering and  it’s hard the not remembering  Laughs.  (breaks my heart)

paper moon2019-10-16T16:31:57+01:00