Mine. Ours. Divine.

the shape got made from thought and the bones of animals which had roamed the earth hungry gathering food, seeking comfort and growth came new again and again it came violent alive thrusting up through the old shouting out its new shape the new became old and thoughts rotted and the jaws of animals and [...]

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the recipe

you me a house the sea* *and of course my dog but that’s a given as she goes everywhere with me anyway, like a shadow. Or sound.

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when same old same old came flouncing down the street hair all nice and perfume dragging in the past i said 'today will be the day' and took a knife to the sky: i would live on the other side


the offering

i threw the dakinis a banana they laughed and threw it back i gave them my heart on a doilie one I’d spent an hour cutting the hell they asked is that ? i called after to offer them the best of me they laughed and said: if only you knew i didn’t though and [...]

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i have made myself from splinters

way out on the cold face of thinking going at it with a little silver axe chipping at the he said i said the bitch did what ? dancing on a fragment dancing on the middle point of instant here am i i’m blinded breaking into all these shards every single thought i’ve made myself [...]

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