this town is working roundtheclock
to keep out living
and something here is dying – me
the black and grey the neat lace shoes
the walking fast the always somewhere going
thinking mending future fighting so hard to keep it out
the foreign undesirable detained indefinite at the lip
i’ve started going round the back to where the bins are
smelling what it is I will remember
what it is we’re made of what is living
the crying screaming bleeding heart cut open
joy of what it is to be a human something
in me mourns the place I used to live as
filling in a sandwich safe between the whorehouse
open like a frontsoff dollshouse
and the battered women’s shelter
the men all night like baying dogs
swaying on their hindlegs lola
i know you can hear me bitch
come down here so I can break your fucking head
drunk and throwing bottles at the stars