so I’m sat there like i don’t know how
a piece of what must sit amongst gram for gram the world’s most expensive fish
hanging off my chopsticks
when god walks in
he’s filthy skinny and his hair is wild
he’s up on crutches his trousers torn
his shoes all gaping in the front
and those toes have not seen soap in like forever
but there is no mistake: all teeth and no teeth
then those eyes
the ones which shout out anything goes
in front of which the angels kneel
and we’re all sat there saying No and looking at our plates
No Gracias to god and whatever god is selling
whatever he’s holding out on that tray
love or liberation or chiclets chewing gum
then there’s this woman
she’s got her hand out not even looking
and god goes over
all lopsided and grinning his unhurried crutches click click click
he’s lighting up this whole fucking place
and then we all can see it
we’re fishing in our purses in our pockets
holding out our coins
pick me pick me
there’s even someone crying
oh fuck it’s me