it’s Lola with her hoop
she’s dancing on the edge of time
twirling on a straw
wearing that same old dirty bikini
the one she’s worn all week
she’s whirling in her stratosphere fast enough
to bring her heart in pieces back together
you know what she says (her laughter’s in a bubble)
reaches up takes the hoop from the sky
it’s turning on the crescent of her hand and higher
(she can make the stars stop)
her anklets gone ecstatic
do you know my biggest fear ?
it’s spinning on her neck now
her leg held high like an indian god
Lola with her eyes on fire
she’s dancing on the rings of Saturn
eh ? she says it fiercer
do-you-know-my-biggest-fear ?
one two catches it behind her head
claps and laughs outloud
being alone she says and blinks as if to say :
and there’s the gift
her hips keep the world’s spin
her eyes tell the truth
what Lola doesn’t know but will find out
is it’s the only thing she’s ever known.
the only thing she’ll ever know
alone is when she absolutely burns with life