i like it when it’s hot and
the road melts
and the mind noses into the five:
sexual misconduct and icecream
and the boys sit high up on walls
silent for a change
squinting in the blinding
pulling at their teeshirts
baby fat melting into a
future bright with everything
and love
love comes pounding from every
hot wall
it beats down from every waxing tree
comes streaming from the past up through every
summer which ever rolled out abundant with
sticks and swallows and crisp top cowpats
and there are we
we’re marching out across the fields
crowds of cowparsley waving banners
applause from crows
and all of our bodies
all of our hearts
yearning for the future
and now it’s here
i find myself
when i remember
yearning for it too
yearning for it all
just as it is against all of the odds
and the trees
laden with love
say: here, sit with me
rest in my shade