it looked a day like any other:
the plane trees whispered same old same old
and july came hot off the fat arch road
i went to the co-op to buy food for my dog
and it looked a day like any other until
the cashier plucked the box from my basket
and looking every word into my eyes said
‘i love you and i want to marry you’
i was surprised at how deep in me each word landed
‘i might not make a good wife’ i said wanting time
‘why?’ he asked his sweet head angled as he spiralled the Baker’s Choice
the tumbling biscuits shouted applause
‘i’d probably do my own thing a lot of the time’
he smiled like that was already given
‘every time I came in you’d have to give me a discount’
with a lazy arm he caught a card which hung from the till
and i watched the numbers plummet
‘think about it’ he said
on the way home the biscuits rattled
and the plane trees whispered
and i thought about it and one of the thoughts said why not ?
let’s live a little