i don’t remember too much about getting raped
i guess he drugged me pretty good
i don’t remember too much: try nothing
and woke up strange to
piece together clothes I couldn’t remember and
didn’t understand why are they scattered like this
and isn’t it funny ?
i didn’t even notice a part of me had died
it took me ten whole years to allow the possibility
sometimes i think about kicking him in the balls hard enough that his eyes burst
and other times i see him quiet in front of his flatscreen
he’s watching britney spears
and i ask him: sweet my love did you get the thing you needed ?
but most of the time i don’t think about him at all :
see, the part in me that died, she got reborn
she’s a lot of fun (i think you’d like her)
her name’s Kali
thing is she just doesn’t have the time for everyone

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