white cow
bollocks pink as powder
nodding comes across the road
and the great wheel turns
night swings her lantern
as if to chide
it’s late and
come to bed
but Oh
i’ve clothed myself in story
he said
she said
i want
and all those past lives
night snuffs the lamp
and confusion draws in around my shoulders
bed is not for me
it’s for the ones who’ve proved themselves
their mind a single point
in penetration of what isn’t here
someone paints the cow’s horns orange
offers it a marigold
i hang a chain of plastic flowers from its neck
and the great wheel turns
the cow crosses back
its bollocks swing like temple bells
facebook says a man i loved is dead
and the great wheel turns
the cow tosses its dumb moon head
browses in the dazzle of the local shop
selects and wraps its blue tongue
around a parsnip
and the great wheel turns
were i only to know
to have an inkling
of how and where and when
to use this precious humanlife